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“…went above and beyond and spent a huge amount of time helping me understand policies …”

I took over managing a medspa last year who’s insurance was a mess. They had 4 policies and 2 agents that were not helpful and renewing all the policies was a nightmare.  I wasn’t even sure if we needed all the policies we had. This year I decided to call David Shaffer – he was my agent years ago when I owned my own medspa and I knew I could trust his opinion from previous experience.  I asked him to help me decipher the policies we had and explain what coverage we did and didn’t need.  At this point, Mr. Shaffer was not our agent and our insurance was not with him, but he went above and beyond and spent a huge amount of time helping me understand policies I had never dealt with before. He showed me that we had coverage in one of our policies that we could have used the previous year in an incident that our other agents never explained and we didn’t know we had.  The owners of the medspa were impressed when I explained the help Mr. Shaffer had given us, so we switched all of our policies over to PMIS. Now our policies are condensed, easier to deal with and we are saving money.  I know that renewing will be a breeze next year compared to what I have been dealing with and can trust that we are in good hands with David Shaffer and PMIS.

Jeanine Graham, RN

True Medspa

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