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Senior Living

There is an ever growing demand for Senior Care throughout the United States.  As the Baby Boomer generation continues to age, the number of Senior Care facilities is sure to expand.  We at PMIS continually monitor budding market trends, new market availability and distressed providers,  so we can present you with the best options for your particular needs.

Our insurance partners recognize these trends as well.  As a result, insurers are continually developing specific risk management programs to assist Senior Care facilities avoid common malpractice related risks.  Enhancements available to our insureds may include:

    • Annual Seminars
    • Risk Management & Research Publications
    • Educational Programs (tailored to each specific to policyholder’s needs)
    • Assistance with Policy & Procedure Development
    • Risk Management Hotlines

These programs and publications are available for the small single location facility through the multi-state, multi-faceted campuses.

Looking specifically at the policy highlights, most policies now include coverage such as:

  • Professional Liability (including coverage for Elder Abuse)
  • General Liability (Bodily Injury and Personal Injury)
  • Employee Benefits
  • Sexual Misconduct
  • Defense Cost Outside the Limit of Liability
  • Prior Acts Availability
  • Lower Deductibles
  • and much more

Let PMIS’s experienced staff help develop you a policy specific to your facility’s needs. Contact Us today to find out how we can help.

Hard-To-Place Risks

Have you found it difficult to secure insurance because of past claims, licensure issues, drug or alcohol addictions, medical specialty, classification of risk, etc.? PMIS represents multiple insurers who specialize in offering coverage to physicians working their way back to the preferred insurance markets. Let our experts navigate you toward the best possible policy at the lowest possible pricing. Contact Us today to find out how!

Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons

New Malpractice Insurance Program for Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons! PMIS has access to a new program designed specifically for AAFPRS members. For further details about this Program, click here!

Policy Review

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