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Medical Spas


Aesthetic medicine is one of the fastest growing market segments in the healthcare industry.  The Medical Spa Industry has been capitalizing upon this fact for the past several years.  Without a doubt, the growth of the industry has been profound.  Gone are the days were medical spas were only found in large urban areas.  Today medical spas can be found from coast-to-coast.

Since coverage was initially offered, the medical spa insurance market has seen dramatic changes.  Many more insurers have entered the market hoping to gain their piece of market share.  This resulted in more competitive pricing and better policy enhancements for those in need of medical spa professional liability.

PMIS represents a multitude of Medical Spa insurers eager to write business.  This allows us to accommodate Medical Spas who perform:

  • Laser & Light Services
  • Injection Services (Botox & Dermal Fillers)
  • Chemical Peels
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Vein Therapies
  • Botox Parties
  • Mesotherapy/Lipodissolve
  • Laser Assisted Lipolysis
  • HCG
  • G-Shot
  • and many others!

As the aesthetics industry continues to change, new products and procedures change a medical spa’s insurance needs.  Medical Spas who offer new or more invasive procedures such as HCG, LipoDissolve, Laser Assisted Lipolysis, Silhouette Lifts, Awake Breast Augmentations, etc. are finding that many insurers will elect not to offer the coverage needed.  Only a limited number of insurers will extend coverage for these types of procedures.  Others may say they can offer coverage, but impose certain limitations or restrictions on the procedures performed.  Having the correct coverage in place is crucial.  This is where PMIS can help!

Because of our knowledge in the Medical Spa arena, PMIS’s involvement in the medical spa industry reaches even further.  We have been appointed as the EXCLUSIVE broker for a brand new medical spa policy.  To learn more about this exciting new product, click here.  In addition, we are also the EXCLUSIVE broker/agent for the American Medical Spa Association’s (AmSpa) malpractice insurance program.

PMIS also assists its clients with the various other Business Insurance and Benefits Insurance products.  With our help you can have a complete and comprehensive insurance package managed through a single valued resource.

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Hard-To-Place Risks

Have you found it difficult to secure insurance because of past claims, licensure issues, drug or alcohol addictions, medical specialty, classification of risk, etc.? PMIS represents multiple insurers who specialize in offering coverage to physicians working their way back to the preferred insurance markets. Let our experts navigate you toward the best possible policy at the lowest possible pricing. Contact Us today to find out how!

Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons

New Malpractice Insurance Program for Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons! PMIS has access to a new program designed specifically for AAFPRS members. For further details about this Program, click here!

Policy Review

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