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Healthcare Facilities

Since the formation of PMIS, miscellaneous healthcare facilities have been one of the key market segments that we have focused our attention.  The longevity we have held in this segment allows us to tailor your policy to fit your specific needs.  We believe this is not only something you should expect, but something you deserve.

It is always our goal to locate our clients the broadest policy form available at the fairest possible price.  With our insurers writing coverage in all jurisdictions, we have the ability to provide multiple limit and deductible structures for numerous risk types.

While claims-made coverage dominates the healthcare facility world, we have successfully negotiated:

  1. coverage written on an occurrence policy form
  2. coverage for physicians working on behalf of the facility
  3. defense costs outside the limit of liability
  4. unlimited extended reporting periods
  5. and others


For facilities looking to self-insure all or a portion of their practices, we can accommodate you as well (see the Captive/Self-Insurance drop down above for further details).

In addition to the facilities professional liability insurance needs, PMIS can also assist with the various other Business Insurance and Benefits Insurance products healthcare facilities need.  With our help you can have a complete and comprehensive insurance package managed through a single valued resource.

With the contacts and relationships held by PMIS, we are confident we will find the right policies for your practice.  Click the Contact Us tab to begin communications with a PMIS specialist.

Hard-To-Place Risks

Have you found it difficult to secure insurance because of past claims, licensure issues, drug or alcohol addictions, medical specialty, classification of risk, etc.? PMIS represents multiple insurers who specialize in offering coverage to physicians working their way back to the preferred insurance markets. Let our experts navigate you toward the best possible policy at the lowest possible pricing. Contact Us today to find out how!

Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons

New Malpractice Insurance Program for Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons! PMIS has access to a new program designed specifically for AAFPRS members. For further details about this Program, click here!

Policy Review

Take advantage of PMIS's expertise and have a free evaluation of your current policies conducted. Select the Contact Us tab to have a PMIS representative contact you today!